Wicketkeeping Academy Program

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A good wicketkeeper is critical to the success of any team. They need to be reliable, fit, skillful, tough and at times brilliant as a good keeper can turn a game their team’s way with an outstanding catch, stumping or run-out.

Wicketkeepers are the barometer of a team and set the standard for the fielding team as well as being positioned to contribute to team tactics by sensing the mood in the field. They have the best seat in the house and are well placed to identify a batsman’s weaknesses and to gauge when a bowler is tiring and as such are a vital tactical link back to the captain and bowlers.

From a coaching point of view the wicketkeeper requires both unique coaching and practice and keepers are often “underdone” in team training. Also as there is only room for one wicketkeeper in a team this key position can often by occupied by the player who is at times a forgotten man at practice.

In order for a wicketkeeper to excel they must put in quality time and effort to work on all aspects of their game.

Mark Atkinson’s passion to keep alive, what some consider to be the dying art of wicketkeeping, has inspired him to design and launch Elite Cricket’s Wicketkeeping Academy Program.

This intensive program is personally delivered by Mark, who with his team of coaches will work with the squad to develop and hone individual technical and game sense skills in high quality practice and skill development sessions in addition to providing mentoring, advice and guidance for players on their game throughout the season.

The program is most suitable for aspiring wicketkeepers who have already had some experience in match play situations and will include a batting component.

Dates and program details are TBA, however to register your interest feel free to send us an email. Please note that places in this program are limited.

Pre-Season 2010 Wicketkeeping Program enrolment form

To date Mark has amassed extensive professional experience as an elite player with the Tasmanian, the Prime Ministers XI, Australian XI and Australia ‘A’ teams and an array of clubs in the United Kingdom and New South Wales. Mark’s elite level cricket experience is complemented by a Bachelor’s degree in physical education, which has enabled him to apply his knowledge of bio mechanics, skill acquisition, sport psychology and learning methodologies to his own career as a professional player and coach. His coaching credentials and expertise have been further enhanced through the attainment of his Level 3 cricket coaching accreditation from Cricket Australia. Mark has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, from Southern Cross University, Australia.


  1. 7-14-2008

    Hi Mark,
    I would like to know on behalf of my son Ben more about the wicket keeping program you offer.

    Bruce Wickham

  2. 7-14-2008

    Re: Wicket Keeping Academy

    Please accept this as a rigister of interest in the above academy for my son Ross who plays for Collaroy (Northern Beaches) and will be in an under 13′s team this coming cricket season.

  3. 7-14-2008

    Hi Bruce

    Thanks for your comment.I will email you the enrolment form which includes all the key event details.



  4. 8-24-2008

    please forward details of your upcoming keeping programs for my Nathan – under 14 in this season.

  5. 8-24-2008

    Hi Karl

    Thanks for your comment. I will email you shortly and we can discus a program for Nathan from there. I will also attach an application form for our High performance Academy which will have a strong program focus for wicketkeepers.



  6. 11-20-2008

    My son Oliver and his friend Jack both wicketkeep u11 and would love some specialist training. Thanks.

  7. 11-20-2008

    Hi Bridget
    Thanks for your comment. It would be great to work with Oliver and Jack and I have emailed you directly with all the program details.

  8. 4-8-2009

    hi Mark,
    Keen to understand timing / details for the Wicketkeeping Academy Program. My son was in the U11′s this season. Many thanks. Jacqui

  9. 4-8-2009

    Hi Jacqui

    Thanks for your comment. I haven’t finalised the schedule for our 2009-10 wicketkeeping program but I have added your email to the e-newsletter list so you will be kept updated on all our program information and articles.



  10. 4-30-2009

    Hi Mark,
    James will be playing U12′s next season and has played two seasons as wicketkeeper for North Sydney. He would love to be involved in your program, please e-mail details when available.

  11. 4-30-2009

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for your comment.

    James is most welcome in the program and it will be great to have him along.

    I will email you the program enrolment form which includes all the key event details including venue, schedule, course outline and fees.



  12. 7-13-2009

    Hi Mark

    Please advise me of the details of the wicket keeping course when they are available.

    Many thanks

  13. 7-13-2009

    Hi Helen

    Thanks for your comment. I will email you all the details today.



  14. 8-26-2009

    Mark, Just noticed this info – could you please email me the application form so I can see if we can manage to make it happen! My son will be playing U12′s this season. Wicket Keeoing is his ‘thing’.


  15. 8-26-2009

    Hi Jane

    Thanks for your comment. I will email you all the details today.



  16. 9-22-2009

    Could you please email me some information on any upcoming wicketkeeping program. My son is playing u16 div1 I was hoping this would be of some benefit to him. He has “kept” for the last 5 years. Also infor on holiday camp @ st ignatius. Thanks

  17. 9-23-2009

    Hi Susan

    Thanks for your comment. I’ll email you the details and add you to our newsletter list so that you’ll be updated with all our program and event information.



  18. 11-17-2009

    Hi Mark,
    My son Ben is playing Under 11′s this season & has been a keen wicket keeper for 2 years now, i am looking for some extra training for him. Can you send me some details
    Cheers Luke

  19. 11-17-2009

    Hi Luke

    Thanks for your comment. I’ll email you a program outline which explains everything and we can take things from there.



  20. 4-13-2010

    Hi Mark, could you please email me the details of this program including the fees if possible?

    Thank you

  21. 4-13-2010

    No worries, will do.


  22. 5-14-2010

    Hi Mark
    Do you do keeper training only for Juniors or is it all ages?
    Can you send me through some information please.


  23. 5-14-2010

    Hi Dean

    Yes we do and I will email the information.



  24. 1-14-2011

    Hi Mark,
    Could you please forward me information regarding the wicket keeping training.

  25. 1-14-2011

    Hi Glen
    No problem, will do.

  26. 4-18-2011

    Hi Mark, I’m 22 years old playing in division 1 of the Essex league.. I am an experienced keeper since 16 years old but would like to get involved with your practice to hone my skills further. Could you please email me the details?

    Kindest Regards,


  27. 4-23-2011

    Hi Haider
    Thanks for your email mate. I will email you directly with a few suggestions.

  28. 10-23-2011

    Hi Mark
    Could you please send me some details about the wicket keeping academy.

  29. 10-23-2011

    HI Matt
    Will do, thanks.

  30. 12-26-2013

    Please email me information on any holiday clinics for January 2014 for my 11 yo (12 yo in Feb) son who is very keen on wicket keeping. Cheers, Bronwen

  31. 12-31-2013

    Thanks Bronwen
    I’ll email you the details shortly.

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