School Holiday Programs

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School Holiday Programs are cricket coaching events that offer an enjoyable and challenging program of both individual and group skill development cricket activities and match play for players aged 7 -12.

School Holiday Programs are hosted annually during the April, July, October, December and January School holiday periods.

The highly successful and popular programs are conducted from 9am to 3pm in both 2 and 3 day formats across a range of venues.


This program has a minimum skill requirement and is specifically designed for cricketers playing at representative level or its school equivalent.

Successful applicants for this elite program will also possess high levels of cricket skill and fitness, be self-disciplined, highly motivated and aged 12 years or above.

Over 2 days our Academy players train like first class cricketers and are challenged by an intensive multi-disciplinary program to further enhance their existing skills and match awareness by a range of high performance coaches.


‘On the Ball’ is for girls and boys from 5 -7 years, who have perhaps never played cricket or who have just begun their cricketing career. In these sessions our aim is to have some fun, some fitness and learn about the game of cricket.

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To date Mark has amassed extensive professional experience as an elite player with the Tasmanian, the Prime Ministers XI, Australian XI and Australia ‘A’ teams and an array of clubs in the United Kingdom and New South Wales. Mark’s elite level cricket experience is complemented by a Bachelor’s degree in physical education, which has enabled him to apply his knowledge of bio mechanics, skill acquisition, sport psychology and learning methodologies to his own career as a professional player and coach. His coaching credentials and expertise have been further enhanced through the attainment of his Level 3 cricket coaching accreditation from Cricket Australia. Mark has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, from Southern Cross University, Australia.


  1. 5-26-2008


    My 9 yr old son would like to attend your July school holiday program at Gladesville. We were wondering whether you have the dates available yet?

    Thanks so much,
    Jenny Dunstan

  2. 5-27-2008

    Hi Jenny

    Thanks for your comment.

    It would be great to have your son along at the program.

    I am finalising the dates and venues today. When I have these confirmed I will post an article on the site and also notify everyone in the June newsletter. This should all be done in the next day or two.



  3. 6-15-2008

    Hi Mark
    i was looking to organise coaching lessons for my son. He has a pretty solid batting technique though he wonts to tighten it up and get rid of those stupid shots before the comp starts, could you help. Also could u please include prices, available days etc


  4. 6-16-2008

    Hi Richard

    Thanks for your comment. It would great to have the opportunity to work with you and your son in a program designed to develop his batting. I will send you a more detailed email outlining program options and the answers to your questions.

    Talk soon.


  5. 8-24-2008


    Do you have school holiday programs this Oct. could you email me the enrolment form

  6. 8-25-2008

    Hi Leona

    Thanks for your comment.

    Yes we have school holiday programs running in the October holidays and I will email you the enrolment form.



  7. 4-8-2009

    Mark, interested to know if you will be running any school holiday programs in the grounds of St Ignatius College Riverview this April 09. Many thanks. Jacqui

  8. 4-8-2009

    Hi Jacqui

    Yes we are running a program at SIC Riverview 20th and 21st April 2009. I will email you the program enrolment form which includes all the key event details.



  9. 5-3-2009


    i HAVE AN 11 1/2 year old daughter her is very keen to start playing cricket. I was wondering what off season opportunities you have to help her develop her skills. we live in roseville.



  10. 5-3-2009

    Hi Deb

    Thanks for your comment. It would great to have the opportunity to work with your daughter. I will send you a detailed email outlining program options.

    Talk soon.


  11. 5-27-2009

    Hi Mark

    I would also be interested in receiving the school holiday program details once finalised.

    Many thanks


  12. 5-27-2009

    Hi Margaret

    Thanks for your comment.

    I am still waiting the final confirmation on one July venue but will email you what I have to date.

    Also I have added you to the our e-newsletter list so you can be kept up to date on all our programs and events.



  13. 7-3-2009

    hi Mark, hoping there’s a spot available for the July school hols program at Riverview (U11). Is this age group too young for the wicket keeping academy ? Thanks Jacqui

  14. 7-3-2009

    Hi Jacqui

    Yes places are available for our July School Holiday program at Riverview and it will be fine for your 11 year old to join the Wicketkeeping program. I will email you the event enrolment form.



  15. 8-6-2009

    Hi Mark
    My son Charles would be interested in holiday coaching, as well as high performance individual, but Gladesville and Five Dock in September too far away. We live at Northbridge he goes to Riverview college. pls forward dates and venues

    Thanks Louise

  16. 8-6-2009

    Hi Louise

    No worries Louise I will email you all the details.



  17. 6-22-2010

    Hi there,

    I want my 6 year old boy to join the vacation camp. Can you please provide me with more info. for july’s holiday programme with all the dates, timings and enrolment form.


  18. 7-3-2010

    Hi Sneha

    Our ‘On The Ball’ Program will be ideal and I will email you all the details.


  19. 9-14-2010

    Could you please forward details of any school holiday programs at Liverpool in forthcoming October holidays. My son Nicholas really enjoyed the program in July and his bowling is showing definite improvement. Thanks. Karen

  20. 9-14-2010

    Hi Karen

    Thanks for the feedback, great to hear. Will do.


  21. 12-8-2010

    Dear Mark, I am interested in getting some training for my two boys this month (December). Do you have any clinics available, or a class for just the two of them. They play club and school cricket. They are 9 and 10 years old. Thanks, Nikki.

  22. 12-8-2010

    Hi Nikki
    I will email you the program details, thanks.

  23. 1-9-2011

    Dear Mark, My 8 year old son would love to attend the holiday camp you have for January 2011. Are you able to provide more details. Many thanks Marisa

  24. 1-9-2011

    Thanks Marisa, I will email you the details. Mark

  25. 2-9-2011

    Hi Mark,

    Can you please email me the dates for any school holiday programs for 2011 as my 9 year old son who like to continue some cricket in the winter months

    Thank you

  26. 2-10-2011

    Hi Jenny
    Thanks, I have added you to the e-newsletter list so that way you will be keep up to date on all our upcoming programs and events.

  27. 3-30-2011

    Hi Mark

    Could you please email me some dates for school holiday camps because I would like to get better with my cricket.


  28. 3-30-2011

    Hi Dylan
    Thanks for the email mate. I will email you all the details.
    0422 787 727

  29. 12-29-2011

    Dear Mark,
    Would you kindly send me some information on next years programme on cricket coaching as my 9yr old needs some extra help, Thank you.

  30. 12-29-2011

    Done mate, feel free to call me to for a chat about the range of options available to your son, thanks. Mark

  31. 12-8-2012

    Hi Mark,

    Last year you coached my two boys Marcus & Will, we live in the UK and are coming back to Oz over the xmas period.

    They boys loved the individual coaching they received and in fact helped them to both achieve county positions here in Berkshire. We are keen to come back if you are available??

    Are there any camps as well that are being organised from 14th December to 6th Jan???

    Many Thanks,

  32. 12-8-2012

    Hi Caterina
    Thanks I really appreciate the feedback. Excellent. I will come back to you via email. I look forward to working with the boys again this summer.

  33. 1-16-2013

    Hi Mark,

    My son Sid Girish has been playing the Under 13 ACT rep cricket this season.He has just attended the Orange NSW Carnival and he would like to improve on a few aspects of the game.Was wondering if there was a program during the next few days before school starts as we live in Canberra.
    Sunny Girish

  34. 1-16-2013

    Hi Sunny
    Our January High Performance Academy would be ideal. I will email you with all the details. Thanks mate.

  35. 12-27-2013


    My son is keen on improving his cricket skills. Please advise how should he go about it.



  36. 12-31-2013

    Thanks Monica,
    I’ll give you a call.
    Speak soon.

  37. 7-22-2014

    I would like to have my 12year old son enrolled for the October camp. Could you please mail me with all the details including the address and payment information.

  38. 7-22-2014

    HI Sini
    Sounds great – I will email you the details.

  39. 8-11-2014

    Hi Mark,

    My 8 yr old boy has been to 2 or 3 of your school holiday camps over the past year or so. We’re keen to explore the option again for the upcoming Sept/Oct school holiday period. Could you please send through details?



  40. 8-11-2014

    Great to hear Peter, I will email you our schedule for September and October. Mark

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