High Performance Individual Coaching

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High Performance Individual Coaching is an intensive expert coaching program for individual players of all ages and experience. Exclusively designed and managed by Mark Atkinson the program focuses on acquiring and mastering critical technical and game sense skills to optimise performance.

Contact Elite Cricket now to commence High Performance Individual Coaching Programs.

High Performance programs are provided afternoons and evenings year round at Five Dock.

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To date Mark has amassed extensive professional experience as an elite player with the Tasmanian, the Prime Ministers XI, Australian XI and Australia ‘A’ teams and an array of clubs in the United Kingdom and New South Wales. Mark’s elite level cricket experience is complemented by a Bachelor’s degree in physical education, which has enabled him to apply his knowledge of bio mechanics, skill acquisition, sport psychology and learning methodologies to his own career as a professional player and coach. His coaching credentials and expertise have been further enhanced through the attainment of his Level 3 cricket coaching accreditation from Cricket Australia. Mark has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, from Southern Cross University, Australia.


  1. 3-23-2010

    Hi Greg
    We can do a gift certificate and I will email you the information on the coaching.

  2. 10-12-2010

    Hi Mark,

    Can you please provide me with more information on the High Performance Individual Coaching including the costs.


  3. 10-12-2010

    Hi Coby

    No problem, I will email you with a program outline.



  4. 11-20-2010

    Hi Mark,

    Can you please provide me with some information/costs involved with Individual Coaching. Basically just need some work done on my batting and pace bowling technique.

    Thanks, Adam

  5. 11-21-2010

    Hi Adam

    Thanks mate, I will email you the program details.


  6. 11-26-2010

    Hi Mark,

    I am keen to buy my brother some coaching for christmas.

    He is a fast bowler.

    How much do you charge per hour for one on one coaching

    Do you do any packages for multiple lessons.



  7. 11-27-2010

    Hi Nick
    Thanks mate, I will email you all the details.

  8. 11-28-2010


    I was just interested in some individual batting and wicket-keeping coaching.Would you be able to send the details.

    Many Thanks,

  9. 11-28-2010

    Hi Matt
    I will email you the details mate, thanks.

  10. 10-12-2011

    Hello mate, looking for some bowling coaching, am 31 years old and open the bowling but am looking for some consistancy, can you help?

  11. 10-12-2011

    Hi Tim
    I will email you the details of our Individual Coaching program mate, thanks.

  12. 10-15-2011

    Hi Mark,

    Can you send me some details of your individual training costs please? I am returning to Cricket after a long break and am very rusty.


  13. 10-15-2011

    Hi Mahesh
    Will do mate, thanks.

  14. 11-10-2011

    Hi Mark,
    My son is playing u16 and would like to join our both High Performance Individual Coaching and Specialist medium pace Bowling Program. can you please let me know the program, timline and cost.

  15. 11-10-2011

    Hi Ashok
    Thanks mate, I will email you all the information.

  16. 12-2-2011

    Hey Mark,

    I’m a 17 year old fast bowler coming back from 2 stress fractures in my lower back, and needing some specialised technique correction.

    Could you send me some information on lessons?



  17. 12-3-2011

    Hi Mark
    My son is just getting over stress #
    Can you please send me details of Individual Coaching
    costs. he is fast bowler.

  18. 12-3-2011

    No problem Ann, will do, thanks Mark

  19. 12-12-2011

    lachlan is looking for practise .. He is in the under 12 with easts ..we live in Bondi Junction

  20. 12-23-2011

    Hi Mark,

    I play u16′s for school and I’m interested in the High Performance Individual Coaching. Could you please email the price, time etc of the Coaching clinic .


  21. 12-23-2011

    Hi mate – No worries will do, Mark

  22. 12-29-2011

    Hello Mark

    I am seeking information on individual coaching for under 12 boy with limited cricket involvement programs costs please

  23. 12-29-2011

    Hi Ray
    I have emailed you the details, feel free to call me for a chat when you have a chance.

  24. 1-11-2012

    where can I find more details about cost/time details and how to register/book for individual coaching?
    Thank You

  25. 1-11-2012

    Hi, I will email you the details, thanks, Mark

  26. 4-19-2012

    Hi there, please send me details on what you offer for a middle aged beginner!


  27. 4-19-2012

    No worries Ed, I’ll email you the details. Be in touch soon. Thanks Mark

  28. 9-13-2012

    How much do you indivdual coaching sessions cost?

  29. 9-13-2012

    Hi Sean
    I will email you a program outline. Feel free to call me for a chat about your program.

  30. 10-27-2012

    Hi Mark,

    Would you be able to email the details of High Performance Coaching.


  31. 10-27-2012

    No problem, I will email you the details. Thanks, Mark

  32. 11-6-2012

    i am an opening batsmen for u14 ACT Comets and wanted to extend my game more. so i was wondering the details of the coaching sesson.

    thanks Oli

  33. 11-6-2012

    Hi Oli
    Thanks mate, it would be good to work with you and I’ll contact you by email.

  34. 12-3-2012

    hey mark, can you please email me cost for a 10 session membership type thing and information what you do where it is at and what day you do it

    thanks mate

  35. 12-3-2012

    No worries Cameron, will do. Thanks. Mark

  36. 3-28-2013

    Hi Mark, I want complete information on High Performance Individual Coaching Program. Please send complete information regarding duration of the coaching, outline, cost, etc.
    Musa :)

  37. 4-7-2013

    Hi Mark
    Could you send me more information on your high performance coaching, costs and times.

  38. 4-20-2013

    No worries Peter, will do, thanks. Mark

  39. 6-4-2013

    hi mark,could you send more information on your high performance coaching,cost and the facilities

  40. 6-4-2013

    Hi Shad
    No problem mate, I’ll email you the details.

  41. 12-5-2013

    Hi Mark,
    i would like to have private training session for batting.
    Thank you

  42. 12-5-2013

    Hi Sanjit
    Thanks mate, I’ll email you the details.

  43. 12-16-2013

    Hi Mark,

    My son is just starting out in cricket and I would like to arrange for some 1 on 1 coaching so that he gets the basics of batting and bowling right. Can you please send through details of what you recommend.



  44. 12-16-2013

    Thanks Scott, I’ll email you the details of the Individual Caoching program mate.


  45. 7-3-2014

    Hi Mark can you please provide with the fee details for Individual coaching program.
    I have two boys for whom I am looking forward for professional cricket coaching.


  46. 7-3-2014

    Thanks Nishant, I’ll email you with the details. Mark

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